Founded in 2009 by Manoj Patel and Parth Chitte, two young aspiring architects to keep aspiring students of architecture from facing the same troubles and hurdles as they faced through their journey. Explora started with a humble beginning with few students and faculties to one of the largest and most successful coaching centers of NATA in terms of student intake not only in its home city but through out Gujarat.

Figures speak for themselves, Explora has among the highest success in placing its students in the top schools of architecture in Gujarat than any other institute which is evident from our past record.

Explora is obliged to parents of the owners and students, professors, friends, advisors and many more...

Explora is grateful to...
Ar. Rashmi Dave, Ar. Ritesh Desai, Ar. Aditya Putohit, Ar. Kintan Shah, Ar. Priyanka Shah, Ar.Kashyap Suthar, Id. Dharmik Joshi, Id. Urvi Desai, Mahesh Patel, Nandini Agrawal, Shivani Patel.

For their kind and inspiring support.